We are delighted to announce that our massage therapist, Hannah, has extended her hours at the clinic.

Hannah is now available:

Mondays 9am – 6pm

Wednesdays 4pm – 8pm

Thursdays 9am – 2.30pm

Fridays 10am – 1pm

To celebrate, Hannah has 2 special offers throughout January and February 2024:

Half-price Reiki Treatments

£10 discount on New Patient Massages*

*Patients new to Hannah include existing chiropractic, acupuncture, and podiatry patients.

Hannah’s treatments include:


Hannah became a Reiki master last year and is offering half-price Reiki treatments throughout January and February.

Regular patients will know that our receptionists, Sally and Julia, are firm advocates of Hannah’s Reiki treatments. Mention Reiki to them in reception, and immediately they smile, become visibly more relaxed and, yes, somewhat gooey. There’s often a contented sigh, too.

Reiki is experienced differently by different people. Being a no or light touch treatment, it is suitable for all patients. You can find out more from our blog post: REIKI WITH HANNAH.

Sally suffers from fibromyalgia, so she struggles with the more intense physical treatments. She has now had 10 Reiki sessions and confesses to being addicted. Sally says she feels her neck is longer and her shoulders lower, with greater mobility in both. Her mind is clearer, and she is sleeping better. She also feels more resilient and able to spring back from busy periods, injuries (she falls over a lot!) and fibro-flare-ups.

Sally describes Hannah’s Reiki as the ultimate in relaxation and particularly likes that it is a hands-on-treatment (you keep your clothes on like our chiropractic treatments). She says it’s like having a great big hug that alleviates all your stresses and strains – and, that hug stays with you for many days after.


Sports Injury Massage identifies a particular problem or injury, usually incurred through playing a sport, such as shoulder injuries from sailing, cricket, tennis or leg injuries from running. Deep Tissue Massage techniques are then used to improve the function around the injury, improve recovery times and prevent future injuries. Hannah also gives advice on specific exercises to speed up recovery.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy is for non-sport-related aches and pains. It is used to address postural strains associated with work and daily life, for example, computer and desk work, gardening, childcare and shopping. In addition to massage, Hannah gives exercises, stretches and advice on how to combat these postural strains.

Hannah uses a variety of techniques and tools in both massage therapies. She may use cups and the blade used for instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilisation (IASTM). You can find out more about cupping from our blog post: CUPPING AND DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE THERAPY.

Oncology Massage is a very gentle, full-body massage with the aim to relax, unwind and help ease discomfort. The massage can be adapted to suit the individual. One of the criteria Macmillan Cancer recommend for finding a therapist is that they are trained in Oncology Massage and have a knowledge of cancer and how it impacts the body. You can find out about Hannah’s training and qualifications from our blog post: MACMILLAN COFFEE MORNING 29 SEPTEMBER 2023.

So, let Hannah help you beat away the winter blues with her special offers when you take your Reiki or New Patient Massage appointments this January and February. Quote code BEATTHEBLUES24 when you book.

Book online or call 01590 679560 to make your appointment.