Hip, Knee, & Foot Pain

Hip pain is another common ailment that we see regularly at the clinic. Sometimes it is linked to back pain and other times it is not. Whilst hip pain is often thought of as an age related issue, this is not always the case. If the pain is due to degenerative changes or over straining the hip and pelvis through sporting activities, we can help manage it or resolve it at the clinic. With our multidisciplinary approach both joint and muscular issues can effectively be dealt with. Aches and pains in the ankle and feet seem to be issues that many people ignore. However, hobbling due to sore feet and ankles can have a detrimental affect to your pelvis and back. Feet are important. Keeping them working properly not only reduces local pain but other issues from building up. Running or keeping your foot hovering over the pedals whilst in traffic can cause foot, calf and knee pain.
Here at the clinic we can apply a number of treatments to painful feet, hips and legs. One of the most effective is Kinesio taping, supporting the weakened joints and muscles providing good relief. Ensuring effective mobility throughout the lower limb is essential for good overall body mobility.