Attending the Clinic with Coronavirus and social distancing

During the initial months of the covid-19 pandemic we have seen a transformation in the way our society functions. With self-isolation and social distancing crucial in controlling the infection rate to help protect the NHS and save lives, we took the difficult decision to temporarily close the clinic.

Now with the social distancing rules relaxed, Chiropractic clinics have had to adapt the way they deliver care. In the months ahead, the profession will be faced with significant challenges, not least how to re-establish providing clinical care in a variety of settings. As health care professionals, chiropractors are responsible for ensuring that, during this process, patient and public safety remain paramount.

With cautious optimism, The Lymington Chiropractic clinic is opening, with reduced hours during this time. With the safety and health of both patients and staff in mind, we would ask you to follow the guidelines noted below. These guidelines are for your safety and should also explain what to expect when you arrive for your appointment.

We have restricted appointment times so please understand the lack of choice. You may call us later to confirm or change the booking if necessary, but times are restricted.

Please do not turn up if you have a temperature, a persistent cough or generally unwell, or you have been in contact with someone who has the coronavirus within the past 2 weeks. Please call us and let us know immediately if that is the case. The possible signs of infection are:
• High temperature
• Persistent cough
• Recent loss of taste and smell

• the current appointments are for those patients in need of care with existing complaints
• for new patients and those patients with new issues, an initial virtual (zoom or skype) call will be booked followed by an allocated appointed time.
• Please turn up at the allotted time as there are no areas in the clinic for waiting.
• Please turn up to the clinic with the minimum of stuff, no extra bags or items of clothing as we have no storage areas/changing areas to leave your possessions in.
• On arrival you may enter as per usual or if you prefer please ring the bell and we will open the door for you.
• Once in the clinic, the receptionist will provide you with a face mask, gloves/hand sanitizer for you to put on. Your temperature will also be taken, and the clinician/receptionist will check that you have read and understood this information.
• Any payment and if appropriate, planned future appointments will be completed at this time.

You will then be shown to the treatment room, which will be prepared in advance for you. in there you will be able to get changed and ready for your treatment. If needed a gown will be provided for you. A safe box/container for your clothes and bags will be provided, placed on the seat. Please use the treatment bench to sit on, the chair will have the safe box on.
If you could remain in the treatment room with the safe box, that would be appreciated, as we wish to keep the risk of cross-contamination to a minimum. Once ready, the Chiropractor will come into the treatment room and treatment will begin.

Please note:
All the surfaces of the bench and equipment will have been sanitized, but if you wish we are more than happy to clean them down again if it eases your concerns.

Once the treatment session is finished, the chiropractor will leave the room, and if you could please get changed back into your clothes and leave the gown if used in the safe box. To minimize the contact time within the clinic, payment should be done when you arrive, and any future appointments will be organized by the chiropractor/receptionist whilst you are changing.

Any personal protective equipment can be disposed of in the reception area in the bin provided, just before leaving the premises. Any other necessary conversation or information about treatment or purchase of items, for the sake of minimizing cross-contamination if it can be completed over the phone before or after the treatment session, that would be appreciated.

Thank you for your patience at this time, and for reading through the information above. If you have any questions concerning your treatment at the Lymington Chiropractic Clinic, please email us at [email protected] our ability to answer the calls at this time will be limited.