Protecting yourself from running injuries for newbies and regulars

Running is a great way to exercise! It has many benefits, including strengthening bones and muscles, improving cardiovascular fitness, burning calories, and helping clear your mind, especially if you’re able to run in the great outdoors!

And what better place to run than here in the New Forest, whether cross-country, along the coast or through any of the delightful towns and villages such as the clinic’s hometown, Lymington. Or by taking part in any number of organised runs such as The New Forest Marathon or Oakhaven’s 10-Mile Run.

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Tips for new runners

If you are inspired by the New Forest Runners and any of the number of running events taking place throughout the New Forest to take up running, here are a few tips for newbies from our sports massage therapist and keen runner, Hannah.

  1. Don’t plan to run the entire distance. Break up the run with walking intervals to ease your body into running. Maybe start with 2 minutes of running, then 2 minutes of walking. Increase the running intervals on each run and build up slowly.
  2. Your body has to become used to the new stresses and strains of running. Many beginner runners start out jogging too fast and pay the price for this mistake within just a few minutes. Frustration, overexertion, pain or even injuries are just some of the consequences. Maintain a pace where you can hold a conversation comfortably.
  3. Give your body time to recover. Having 1 or 2 days of rest in between runs can allow your body to adapt to the new demands of running. Remember to fuel and hydrate!
  4. The more you run, the more your body develops effective coordination. Try to run in a relaxed form with short, easy steps.
  5. Listen to your body. DOMS (delayed, onset, muscle soreness) is common for a day or two after a new exercise or increase in intensity. Gentle stretches, walking and drinking water can help ease the soreness. If you experience a lot of pain, stop!

Tips for regular runners

Regular runners would benefit from frequent maintenance massages to identify and treat tight muscles before injuries occur. Overuse injuries often result in sore, painful muscles. Sports massage reduces the likelihood of this happening by relieving tightness and tension, improving blood flow, increasing flexibility and reducing DOMS.

So, why not treat yourself to a sports massage with Hannah and help stay on your chosen running path!