If you’ve booked your skiing or snowboarding holiday this season, you’ve probably already given some thought to whether you’ve got the right gear – helmet, goggles, board, skis, poles etc.  But have you considered whether your body is ready to make the most of the slopes?

When you’re skiing or snowboarding you move your limbs and use muscle groups in a pretty dynamic way. So to avoid straining or tearing any muscles we recommend popping along to see one of our chiropractors beforehand.  They’ll help make sure your body is in good working order, suggest a series of minor adjustments and exercises if necessary, to make sure that you’re in the best condition possible and, therefore, less susceptible to injury when you’re putting your body through its paces on the slopes.

A sports massage can also be beneficial by loosening any restricted muscles, reducing the chance of picking up an injury and preparing the body for the physical impact of skiing. Imbalances in muscles can also cause havoc when put under extra strain. A sports massage will ensure that the muscles are firing effectively and our massage therapist Hannah will recommend some simple strength exercises and stretches to keep you tiptop whilst enjoying your ski holiday.

Previous Injury?

Skiing and snowboarding can put a strain on the back and joints, in particular knees and hips, but the good news is that a simple but gentle adjustment from a trained chiropractor can be really effective.

Sports massage can also be very effective at speeding up recovery from muscular injuries by increasing blood flow and easing out scar tissue.

If you’ve suffered an injury on a previous ski trip, it can help to book a full evaluation with one of our chiropractors so we can understand the areas of the body which were affected and put together a treatment plan of gentle adjustments, exercises and stretches.  Our focus is on muscle groups and bones, vulnerable areas when it comes to ski or snowboarding injuries. By assessing the musculoskeletal system, we check your body isn’t out of sync and that it is in the best shape to make the most of your holiday.

It’s not just amateur skiers and snowboarders affected either, during the Winter Olympics chiropractors and sports massage therapists are often employed to help competitors prepare their bodies for the impact of their event or aid recovery from an injury.

Warming up reduces impact

When you do head to the slopes, remember to warm up first, just as you would for any sport, so your body is ready for the physical exertion you’re about to put it through.  Be careful too, not to ski or snowboard beyond your ability, taking a run too fast, or attempting a new trick or jump can leave you worse for wear.

Don’t forget to check your equipment as well, badly fitting or damaged boots, skis, poles or boards can cause physical problems.

Don’t suffer when you get home

If you start to feel like your body might be slightly out of alignment or your back is sore when you get home, just give us a call, and we can arrange a consultation with one of our chiropractors. It may be an injury to the spine, but through a series of adjustments, we can help get you back to normal.  We’re all different, though, so it does depend on your individual condition and level of pain.

Your muscles may also be feeling sore and overworked. A sports massage is a very effective way to sort out those tired, achy legs and fatigued shoulders. By using a variety of techniques and tools, sports massage can speed up recovery if you have picked up a niggle while skiing. It can also relieve the effect of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) by increasing blood circulation and releasing tension built up from a skiing posture. The use of cups and the blade used for instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilisation (IASTM) during a sports massage are also beneficial post-ski sessions.

Add us to your ski list

Simply book an appointment with one of our chiropractors or our massage therapist, Hannah, and we’ll help get you ready for the slopes or help you recover.

And don’t forget your feet! Corns and calluses will definitely impact your ability to glide down the piste, or may appear later after hours in your ski boots. We have podiatrist Paul Gray in clinic on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings for all your foot care needs.

Nagging aches and pains won’t go away on their own. Our New Forest Chiropractors, massage therapists and podiatrists are here to get you back on your feet or even the slope if you have another trip planned!

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