Our top tips to help you make the best of the cold winter weather

Feeling the cold? Well, there’s no reason to be blue – we have plenty of tips on how to make the most of this time of year, especially for you!

Okay, so the cold weather brings its concerns and challenges, which are well explained in this video and article from Public Health England. Here at Lymington Chiropractic Clinic, we have a positive and preventative approach to life. Whether you are young or old, athletic or enjoy taking things easy, take a look at what our massage therapist Hannah, has to say about not only staying well but getting out and enjoying the gifts of winter.

“The cold, wet weather can affect us not only mentally but physically too! When feeling cold, people tend to alter their posture by rounding and raising their shoulders to keep warm. This can lead to pain, discomfort and tightness.

“If you’re feeling tight or become aware that your posture has changed, drop your shoulders and stretch out the pecs and neck. Do this regularly.

“Wear a scarf, both outdoors and when sitting indoors, to keep out drafts and keep your neck warm. A light cotton scarf indoors may be more comfortable than your chunky outdoor scarf and will work just as well.

“Comfortable supportive footwear for those winter walks is also important (and Podiatrist Paul would say, this includes well-fitting socks). It’s understandable that walkers will choose wellies in wet weather but walking long distances in heavy ill-fitting wellies can put a strain on your ankles, hips and knees. If you tend to walk long distances, opt for lighter, supportive wellies, or walking boots with gaiters.

“Slips are always a cause for concern especially in icy or wet weather. If you slip you may experience back jarring, bumps and bruises. As above, suitable footwear is important in helping you avoid slips.

“Winter can feel quite dark and gloomy so fitting in any type of exercise will leave you feeling happier due to the release of endorphins. According to the NHS, moderate levels of exercise can boost the immune system and improve your defences against the dreaded winter coughs and colds.

“Our Norwegian cousins have a saying, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.” And, with that in mind, if you’re feeling a bit wobbly and want to avoid slipping or falling whilst out and about consider using a walking stick, thumb stick or Nordic walking poles.”

Chinese Medicine has good advice on how to cope with cold, damp and wet weather. See our acupuncturist Amanda Caspari’s blog article to find out where dampness in the body comes from, the signs of dampness in the body, and which foods you should be eating to combat dampness.

Podiatrist Paul Gray has advice on chilblains and how to treat them, as well as a guide to walking in the winter months. He is also an advocate of Nordic poles for walking and has great advice on choosing the correct footwear for winter conditions.

So, don’t let pain and discomfort prevent you from enjoying our very own Winter Wonderland – The New Forest and all its villages lit up for Christmas!

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