Santa’s Christmas Countdown

What Santa should be doing to prepare for the Big Day and a few useful tips for us mortals, too!

Yes, it’s that time of year again when we turn our thoughts to Santa’s activities. Have you ever wondered how Santa prepares for the longest working day of the year? Or, if there’s anything in Santa’s regime that can help the non-magical folk, us?

Santa is not a normal human being, he undoubtedly has magical powers. Yet, his physical form has to withstand some extraordinary conditions over his 42-hour delivery marathon. According to Forbes, Santa visits 500,000,000 households, spends 300 microseconds at each house and travels at 1,367 miles per second. He also experiences an acceleration force of 1.5 billion gs! In addition to this phenomenal stress on his body, he consumes an enormous number of cookies, mugs of cocoa, glasses of milk, minced pies, and other sweet treats – as well as substantial amounts of sherry or similar alcoholic beverages. Many of these calories are converted to much-needed energy, but, as his corporeal form suggests, he still manages to overindulge.

Chiropractor Colin says that Santa should most definitely have been in training for the big event since coming out of his relaxation period sometime around last Easter. Below are some exercises Colin would recommend to Santa or anyone else experiencing similar strains in their body.

Deep Neck Flexor Exercise

Santa is going to need to protect himself from all the G-force he’ll experience on stopping and starting and potential SPDRAW (Santa Prezzie Drop-off Related Acute Whiplash) injury! Apart from having a Formula-1 neck brace, a requirement for all drivers to help with the forces that the neck is under if a crash happens, we suggest some preparatory Deep Neck Flexor Exercises. See our video here.

We would also recommend this to people who have sore necks – whether you are one of Santa’s little helpers or not, but especially if you work at a computer all day.

Core Exercises

Core exercises are important for maintaining stability for the lower back – definitely one for the mad Santa 42-hour delivery frenzy. As always, with exercises, there are many variations, and Santa would have to start his preparation incredibly early in the year. About January 1 Colin suggests, with the marathon delivery job he has to complete – so maybe Santa needs to come out of relaxation a little sooner than Easter!

The one Colin thinks would be most fun, helpful, and harder than expected is the 1970s classic – Hula-hooping. (Just ask Grace Jones – some of us remember her!)

Some of the benefits of hula-hooping do seem related to the loss of tummy fat. So, whilst it may help with improving core stability – we might end up with a trimmer Santa, but one able to withstand the forces put through his body on that mighty global delivery tour.

Reindeer Box-jumps

Box jumps are said to be great for building power and firing up the central nervous system.

The presumed stop-start nature of the journey would require enormous strength and power – these would be really useful for Santa, Rudolf and the team.

Not only would the overall strength of both Santa and the reindeer improve but also their hip flexibility would increase. An additional benefit of Box Jumps is that they increase bone density and provide protection for the future – essential for when Santa retires, Ha Ha Ha!

Grip strength

A definite must for Santa when grappling with rooftops – grip strength is a good sign of a person’s strength and power.

Again, there are many ways to keep fingers mobile and grip strong. A simple squeeze ball is an effective way to help with this. There are many other devices that have been created to help with grip, but Santa needs to include a bit more strength-building.

For Santa, we would recommend a fingerboard mounted above a door in his North Pole home. These are used by many people, but especially those people who like climbing – it not only builds strength in the hands but also in the shoulders and arms. A definite necessity here.

Post-Christmas Treatments

It’s highly likely Santa will need to visit his chiropractor after his yuletide exertions. He would also benefit from some deep tissue massage therapy and having his feet treated by his podiatrist. Santa should book these appointments now so that he is certain to be seen immediately after Christmas and before his big sleep. (Don’t be surprised to see a sleigh parked outside our clinic!)

For us mortals

The whirlwind of the festive season can leave us all feeling a little like Santa. So, we, too can follow The Clinic’s advice:

  • Too much G-Force or strains to the neck from TV viewing, socialising and endless cooking – have a go at our Deep Neck Flexor Exercises.
  • Too many mince pies and too much pudding … try the Hula-Hooping and regain that core. Perhaps you were lucky and got a hula-hoop in your stocking – HO!HO!HO!
  • Feeling deflated and weakened? Give the Box Jumps a try and boost your central nervous system. Or improve your Grip Strength and finger mobility with a squeezy ball.
  • Don’t forget to book your appointments with us. Book online or call us on 01590 67960.

Thank you to you, our patients, for continuing to support us throughout 2023 and for your patience during the redecoration period. As always, we send you and your families our warmest wishes for the festive season and the coming New Year!

The Lymington Chiropractic Team