Colin’s Cycling Tips

With The New Forest Walking and Cycling Festival the 14 – 29 October 2023, we thought it would be good to re-share chiropractor Colin’s cycling tips. You may be a seasoned cyclist who recently participated in The New Forest Tour this September. Regularly cycle for fitness, stress management to exercise the kids, or simply, to get from A to B. However you cycle, there are a few things you can do to prevent injury and make sure that you can get the most from cycling.

Our chiropractor Colin enjoys many forms of cycling and being a spectator at key events. Last year, he took his family to see the track cycling events at the Commonwealth Games in London. And here’s a throwback to more challenging rides.

Colin says, “My cycling days. I loved climbing the 21K of the Tourmalet so much … I did it both ways. I took 2 hours (one way!) Marco Pantani (Il Pirata) took 34 mins (1 way!)

Colin shares the following tips to help make cycling an enjoyable way to keep fit and healthy.

  • Make sure the bike fits you: you should be able to rest your hands gently on the handlebars, so you are able to control the steering whilst sitting on the saddle.
  • The knee should be slightly bent when the peddle is at the bottom of the stroke. This should ensure no pelvic tilt when cycling.
  • Conversely, too low a saddle means you will have to push hard on the peddles and this may cause problems with your knees.
  • Never set the gear too low so it’s hard to push the peddles round. It is easier to spin faster on a lower gear than straining on a higher gear.
  • Make sure the saddle is comfortable.
  • Stay safe. Make sure you are visible on the roads, especially in the forest.

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