Why Rowers Benefit from Chiropractic Care

With winter training underway how is your body feeling?  As a rower, is the repetitive action causing undue pain in your glutes or calves, your hips or lower back?

Changes in the equipment, blades, sculls or the shell itself can have an impact on a rower’s body and our experience tells us that rowers need good core strength, cardiovascular endurance, good rotational mobility and strength in their wrists.

As chiropractors we know that regular strain and/or pain affects functionality, especially when a repetitive motion is required in training and competition.  Postural issues can affect how efficiently the body works and sometimes pain and discomfort can be felt in the back, shoulders and into the upper and lower limbs which affect movements we take for granted like walking and running, sitting or even lying down, never mind a perpetual rowing motion. 

Issues which can affect a rower’s strength, but overall performance can be resolved through Functional Analysis assessment, targeted chiropractic treatment and rehabilitation exercises.  Our main aim as chiropractors is to improve a patient’s health by targeting the cause of painful symptoms, focusing on the mobility of the spine and surrounding tissues.   

By testing a rower’s core strength and analysing functional movement in their knees, ankles, hips and associated muscle activity, we can identify any areas of weakness, putting a treatment plan together which optimises functionality and tackles pain caused by repetitive movements.  Through a series of simple, gentle adjustments, massage and specific exercises for muscular and tendinous chains, we can help ease discomfort in joints and muscles, reducing the effects of reoccurring pain and improve physical health, overall functionality, thus minimising the chance of injury and ultimately improving performance.

Our resident Sports Chiropractor, Aleksander has experienced regular lower back pain, having suffered a disc prolapse at 17 when he was preparing for his Norwegian military service, but thanks to his local chiropractor, made a full recovery. Aleksander explained “I now enjoy a huge variety of sports from hiking and cross-country skiing to golf and football. Having experienced myself how much chiropractic helped me reach my goals and stay active, I’m very passionate about helping my patients in the same way.”

Having experienced the transformational effects of chiropractic treatment, Aleksander uses a mix of Functional Analysis and Gait Analysis techniques to help get his patients mobilised, back to their sport and feeling better.

Here at Lymington Chiropractic Clinic we also give our patients access to a series of simple to follow exercise videos which they can follow at their own pace, in their own time and space.

Other Complementary Treatments include:

  • Sports & Remedial Massage
  • Joint Manipulation
  • Acupuncture
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Complementary Care for All

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