This Tennis Season – Watch Out for Spectator’s Neck!

Wimbledon is here and the tennis season is well underway. We’re all familiar with the term Tennis Elbow and the pain this condition can bring, but what about the little-known condition of Spectator’s Neck.

WIMBLEDON, ENGLAND – August 2nd, 2012 –
Roger Federer and John Isner during their singles matches at the summer Olympics in London in 2012. Roger Federer came 2nd, silver medal and John Isner made it to the quarter-finals in the tournament

What is Spectator’s Neck?

Pain and stiffness of the neck restricting movement, other than from left to right.

Did you know that this condition affects far more of the population than Tennis Elbow?

Causes of Spectator’s Neck

  • Intent watching of a tennis ball moving backwards and forwards between competitors
  • Becomes especially severe during times of fast volleys
  • Constant twisting and turning of the neck causes tension leading to stiffness and soreness, and often an inability to move the neck easily
  • Severe cases are often accompanied by cries of ‘You cannot be serious!’ when loved ones point out that your pain has been caused from watching too much tennis

How to prevent Spectator’s Neck

There is no easy prevention as the only cure is not to watch too much tennis.

But you could try to:

  • Take regular breaks from tennis watching
  • Move position from time to time
  • Avoid sudden jolting moves of the head in the direction of the umpire

How to treat Spectator’s Neck

There’s only one thing for it – seek professional help IMMEDIATELY!

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Post written by our receptionist Sally entirely for her own amusement.

On a more serious note, if you are playing tennis this year, look out our chiropractors’ tips on How to Have a Good Tennis Season in next weeks’ blog post. And remember, if pain and discomfort are preventing you from enjoying life, Book Online or call 01590 679560 for appointments with chiropractors Colin, Charlotte or Fiona, or massage therapist Hannah. For acupuncture appointments, call Amanda directly on 07876 343 821. And for podiatry appointments, call Paul directly on 07857 137732.