Return of the Newsletter – Healing, Dealing and Thor

A humble welcome back to our emails – it’s been a while. If there was an excuse, I’d love it to be something like – I found myself climbing Everest, visited Patagonia (something I really want to do) or BBQing burgers at the North Pole with the Northern Lights as my backdrop. All reasonable excuses but actually not true. Just been quite a busy start to the beginning of 2023.

With Spring approaching, a new cycle beginning and New Year Resolutions waning, (why on earth do we choose the darkest time of the year to take on such challenges?) there comes a moment, where we fall back into old habits or strive to continue. Personally, now the New Year’s madness is settled, it is the time to reconnect with my own journey of healing and refocus on those things closest to me (health, food, family and people). And with this, a healthier reconnection with time – just allowing the ‘tick’ to ‘tock’.


Whilst we as a clinic are concerned with Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Healing (fixing the body) – it has become apparent that there is a lot of healing needed across many aspects, mentally and emotionally within people, but also across society as a whole.


A sad fact – you can get almost anything delivered to your door in no time at all, your Golden Arch burger meal (mmm), your family shop, but you can’t just order up a dose of healing. You can’t just wait 5 mins, track its arrival to our doorstep, and bingo we’re in the back seat on the road to recovery. I might argue that the ease of the delivery apps cons us into expecting immediacy, the ubiquity of what can be delivered in a trice, consumed in a nano-second, distorts our relationship with nature (which includes us).


People need healing, from those suffering in armed conflict, or those left abandoned in this post pandemic mad rush – need healing. The institutions of this country – the NHS, the majority of our civil services / public utilities, need healing. Our roads locally, definitely need healing (Pretty Please!!)

As we head to what appears a colossal shift in this world, things that were once taken for granted now appear so fragile and broken. Talking of shifts, Amanda Caspari, our acupuncturist has written a fascinating blog article about how the shifts in seasons can impact the body and mind.

And perhaps we as individuals need time for ourselves to heal.

Healing does take time, and whilst technology can make us all do more within a day of work, and time can feel like its flying by, technology (as far as I’m aware) hasn’t been able to extend time. Recently I was reminded in a conversation with someone that healing is a constant within our lives, and it takes time. Perhaps in this upcoming 12 months we can give ourselves the time to heal.

DEALING (Flaming Technology!)

We’ve been dealing with technology here at the Clinic. For me this has been a whole new bag of fish. Slippery, squirmy and just when you think you’ve got a hold of it – it’s slipped out of your hands flopped on the floor and created chaos. So, we are still working with our new system, which has been exciting but made us particularly busy behind the scenes. It is still quite a challenge.

Our goal with the New System is to be more efficient with the way we work and to join the 21st century technology brigade, so as to free up our time behind the scenes from paperwork and managing simple things to allow us to focus on more patient associated elements. We also hope to reduce the mountains of paper that we used prior to investing in this system. The online booking system has been particularly useful and very helpful, and a lot of people are using it to book ahead, which is great. The Reception Team has been amazing at dealing with all of this and ensuring that the clinic runs ever more smoothly allowing us to focus on patient care.

Keep an eye out as we keep on trying to keep up to date with this modern world – but you won’t find me wrapped-up and out for Uber delivery!


In this rather CRAZY time – who’d have expected to be confronted by a 4 tonne walrus in the Solent! Luckily, so I believe, he has made his way north and is to be seen near Iceland. Hopefully back to his normal world with a few stories to share among his fishy mates (probably manages technology better than me as well!).

… So why pick Thor from all the strange occurrences of recent months?

Well, just to warn you that if you do hear unconfirmed reports that Thor has returned to the Milford and Avon Beach areas and is resting, regathering strength to continue on, don’t rush down there all excited ready to get that once in a lifetime pic of a Walrus . . .

It will in fact be me!

In a moment of madness, I have signed up to the Pier-to-Pier swim in July for the British Heart Foundation. So, that unconfirmed report of Thor will be none other than me – having dragged myself up the beach and flopped out for a moment’s respite from a 5-minute training swim. All in the process of getting ready for the Pier-to-Pier.

Perhaps we just have to accept that ‘normal’ is just plain weird at present, and it definitely feels that way at present in the clinic on occasions – but we certainly don’t include our patients in that madness.

Here’s to a fantastic spring and summer with healing at the forefront of our minds.

‘Til next time Colin and The Lymington Chiropractic Team

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