Response to Covid 19

We felt it was important to let you know what we are doing to manage the clinic, with regard to the Covid 19 Virus, especially as there is so much information from many different sources concerning the virus and the affect it’s having on people across the world.

Whilst we take on board all that information and its effects on the general public, we would like to reassure all our patients that we have reassessed our hygiene protocols, looked at government and national health advice and have implemented the following:

  • In line with the BCA’s (British Chiropractic Association) recommendations, we are following the Government guidelines and have placed posters at point of entry and in the reception area, advising patients to follow these guidelines if they have any symptoms or have been travelling or been in contact with anyone who has.
  • If any patient is feeling unwell and/or has travelled from any area noted in the advice we are happy to postpone any appointment. Please contact us if you are concerned.
  • Posters are displayed in treatment rooms advising the washing of hands/use of antibacterial gel –this is being strictly adhered to by all staff. Any unnecessary physical contact with patients will be avoided at present eg: shaking of hands.
  • Where there is any patient skin contact on equipment within the treatment rooms, we are reducing the risk of passing on any infection. There are paper towels/long blue bench rolls that can be used and then disposed of. Frequent rotating and changing of the bench towels/covers, in addition to the usual hygiene practices of sanitising all contact areas are emphasised as critical with each appointment.
  • Use of antibacterial gel is available in reception for both patients and staff.
  • Frequent and regular use throughout the day of the surface disinfectant wipes on all contact surfaces –door handles, reception desk, credit card machine etc, both in the treatment rooms and the reception area. Some patients may have already been advised by the national health to remain at home if they are in a high-risk category and this is to be expected. If these patients still wish to be treated then they must be aware, whilst we will do everything to maintain a safe environment, we cannot guarantee this.
  • As a clinic, we understand that the risk of suffering any adverse effects from this virus for many of our patients is limited. That said, we do treat people who may be in a high-risk category. Therefore, we feel that it would be right to treat every patient interaction as high risk, even if the patient is fit and healthy and unlikely to be infected with the virus. The reassurance to our patients is that on a person to person level we are taking this seriously, but we understand the National Statistics indicate at present, that whilst drastic action (shutdown )is not required yet, good sensible personal hygiene is.  If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the clinic.

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