Newsletter – May Day! May Day! May Day!

Not a cry for help – we’re just counting the Bank Holidays!

A Time of Firsts

As we enter into May we experience a time of firsts: a new King is about to be coronated, the first signs of growth within gardens which we attack with enthusiasm, the first time the London Marathon has been run in the old manner since COVID, my first swim in the sea (Brrrrr!) in preparation for the Pier-to-Pier swim, and the first time people (most people) will see us without masks in the Clinic Treatment Rooms.

A time of firsts is often seen as exciting, but sometimes taking on a new challenge can be daunting, even scary. First times tend to bring change. Can you imagine what it must be like for a baby to have to take its first breath of air? How weird and alien it must be. Change provides challenges, joy, pain, nervousness. I mean, how nervous are the King and Queen to be, Camilla, about the Coronation for instance? Has anyone asked them?

Taking the first step is often a moment of facing one’s own fears, and finding ways to moderate those fears and concerns can be challenging. Someone once mentioned that fear is always based around a future event, fear is not about the past. How true this is I’m not sure, people can often fear a past event happening again. Where is that fear based? It is as real as a fear based on facing the future. That fear to me is often associated with our own health concerns, whatever they may be.

Change is Good – Taking the First Step is More Challenging

“Change is good” I hear. Often I use this as a prompt to remind people to challenge their physical well being. I’m not suggesting to up sticks and scale Mont Blanc tomorrow, (for a start I’m not sure my French is up to scratch – “errr…ou est Mont Blanc s’il vous plait?”). More useful is to have a few different walking routes, exercises or stretches so you can change your exercise routine, so the body is challenged (appropriately) and hopefully ultimately improved. The point being, building in additional resilience to the body allows it to cope with the unexpected better.

But sometimes stepping out of the comfort zone takes effort and courage. Some can do it usually without a second thought and others not so. Facing change can be an uncomfortable experience for some and undaunting for others, how so?

Maybe this May is the time you take on a new Challenge, be it comfortable or uncomfortable.

Easter was the first time I’ve been in the sea this year, in preparation for the Pier to Pier. It was a touch cold, I lasted exactly as I predicted, about 5 minutes and then flopped on the beach, my first flop not my first step.

It has been a challenge – some anxieties arise as I wonder what I’m diving into. Thor suddenly appearing, then a rare six foot small tooth shark (small – are you kidding) sadly washed up on Lepe Beach, and brown oily sludge possibly oozing from Poole Harbour on the other flank does tweak my anxiety. Whilst I was saddened by the fact that someone removed the fins and head of the shark (not sure why one would do that) stories of another lady trying to help the shark back to sea prior to this, is heartening in comparison. Would I have stood next to a shark and tried to encourage it out to sea? Not flaming likely! Although they described the shark as a small toothed shark (apparently not interested in nibbling my toes whilst I swim and rare in colder climes – somehow it made it here), its presence does however challenge me. I’m not sure I’d be sanguine if puffing up and down in the sea parallel to Highcliffe, said shark, popped up next to me. All we need now is a giant octopus to settle in on Lymington Quayside and you’d find me in France, asking where Mont Blanc is.

Also this is the first time I’ve heard of oil leaking from the oilfield over in Studland. Although information about it has gone rather quiet, one hopes that the balance of the natural habitat is minimally damaged, restored or maintained and the fisherfolk who work in the harbour extracting shellfish are not too affected by this event.

These firsts, have provided me with a challenge, it creates an excuse for me not to get on and swim in the sea, it’s an interesting moment in time.

Clinic News

Mask free in our treatment rooms

Within the Clinic Treatment Rooms, following guidance and practices within the NHS, we will now be mask free. However, patients may wish to continue wearing masks and can ask us clinicians to don masks as well, which we are more than happy to do.

We will also wear masks where appropriate, with patients who may be considered vulnerable. I constantly wonder what of those of us who were considered vulnerable at the beginning of the whole COVID pandemic and were not offered the vaccine. What risk is there for them nowadays? What firsts can they take on board today?

We have decided to make this change as it feels safe and appropriate as we enter into warmer months (did I say that?) and the blip of increased local COVID infections has peaked and is on the wane.

A price rise in June

Unfortunately, we are in a position along with many other businesses where we have to raise our prices. In considering the range of prices we charge we have tried to minimize passing on the rising costs and have only raised the price of normal chiropractic care from £44 to £45 per treatment. We have put it off for as long as possible but, as with everyone, we have to accept that we cannot put it off any longer. As of 1st June the new price will come into effect.

Bank Holidays in May

We, as a clinic, will close for these days. So, please be aware we will not be around to respond quickly to any calls or emails on those days, but we will try and respond as quickly as we can when we return to the clinic. You can still Book Online via our website when reception is closed. In general, emailing is usually the best way to contact us when we are closed, but once back in the office we will respond to any telephone messages left. Our email address is [email protected].

As ever, we wish you all a good Coronation Day, a good month, and joy and satisfaction as we take our first steps into the garden, or on our new journeys with hopefully the joy of spring, the summer to come and longer days to see us through.

With our warmest wishes,

Colin and The Lymington Chiropractic Team