June Newsletter

Who Inspires You? We have Murphs, Grandmothers and 1.4 what!?

Welcome to the slightly delayed Newsletter, we’re a bit like the summer – took a while coming, but we’re here…thank goodness and what a difference (the summer not us!).

It’s been quite a month – there are some changes happening in the Clinic which is exciting for us and will hopefully benefit all our patients: new treatments available; a new treatment bench, or two, due soon in the Clinic to help provide more options and a better experience with the care we provide.

Somehow the sea just feels a bit warmer as I plunge headfirst into my challenge. That said, I’m slowly understanding the challenge. When I signed up, I blithely noted it was between the piers that measured as 1.4 something…didn’t really pay attention, it’ll all be fine on the day. Well…

Clinic News – It’s All a Bit New!

We are continuing with plans for refurbishment of the Clinic. We will be looking to update and change the Reception area to help manage patients coming in and out of the Clinic, as well as making life a bit easier for our fantastic Reception team (they won’t say that themselves…but I will).

Other things to be aware of include a new chiropractic bench in Treatment Room 1 (Charlotte & Fiona`s Room) which has a few additional features but more importantly, it’s wider. The width or lack of width of the current bench, has been commented on by a few of our patients and hopefully that will help with the experience when being treated. The new bench will also allow us to offer different care options on the ground floor. It has a few fancy features and will allow us to utilise the room for massage for example, which will be useful all round.

New Treatment Available

Hannah, our Sports Massage Therapist, is now qualified in Reiki and is looking to offer it as an option within the clinic. I know Hannah has found the learning process and treatment experience amazing, opening up new options for herself and the clinic too. We are excited by the addition of this treatment option to all that we offer in the clinic and believe it will fit in well with the clinic ethos. If anyone wishes to find out more, please call or  email us. We will also look to do a more in-depth piece in future newsletters.

Who Inspires us and Getting Out of our Comfort Zones

Hannah’s Murph Challenge

Many of us are inspired by the heroes of our armed forces. Our Massage Therapist Hannah is a keen CrossFit competitor and regularly takes part in Hero WODs (workout of the day). The most recent being the “Murph” –  a classic CrossFit workout. Hero WOD’s are made by CrossFit to honor the men and women who have fallen in the line of duty. This one is specifically to honor Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was killed in action in Afghanistan on June 28th, 2005 after he and 3 other soldiers were heavily outnumbered during an ambush. Lt. Murphy risked his own life by coming out from cover, finding a signal, and calling for help. His story is told in the film and book Lone Survivor.

The Murph Challenge happens every year on Memorial Day, May 30th.

This year Hannah completed the Murph:

  • 1 mile run
  • 100 pull-ups
  • 200 push-ups
  • 300 squats
  • 1 mile run

She did it in an amazing 1hr 2min! Typical of Hannah though, she was annoyed with the 2mins – a nice round 1hr would have been preferred.

Follow this link to find out more about The Murph

Inspirational Characters Can Help us in our Daily Lives too

Our Receptionist Sally says that the most inspirational person she has ever known was her late grandmother who suffered from both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, from the age of 36. Sally recalls her grandmother pushing herself on a daily basis to clean her home (she was extremely house proud) and to cook meals for the family. As she got older and her conditions worsened she adapted to maintain her independence by making the most of the disability aids on offer, even when she lived alone, after losing her husband to bowel cancer, she continued to prepare fresh meals each day. She would say that she had to keep moving so that she didn’t stiffen completely. So even though tasks would take her an age, and cause her pain, she patiently worked through them. Sally has fibromyalgia and says that her grandmother’s strength and perseverance is a constant inspiration to her especially when her symptoms flare.

Colin…1.4… What?…Blimey…

My decision to give the Pier-to-Pier a go was inspired by someone. Someone who amazed me in just getting on with life and taking on a challenge without batting an eyelid (or so it seemed) and resulted in me blithely signing up for the Pier-to-Pier swim thinking, it’ll be fine, what’s the issue?….well I’m paying attention now!….it’s 1.4 miles! Not kilometers as I’d assumed! The last time I swam a mile I definitely didn’t have a beard, not even capable of growing one, but I’m in the game now and will be going for it!

There is too much on the line now, and the person who inspired me to take on this challenge, happens to be my daughter Amy. I cannot let her down. I thought it was parents who were meant to inspire their kids and here I am on the opposite end of that stick. Amy had just joined the Sea Scouts and happily volunteered to enter into a big swimming Gala that was held at the Navy Barracks in Plymouth. So without a care, she got stuck into the training, got selected and before we knew it she was hopping onto a minibus and off to Plymouth. I was amazed a little 10 year old, about the size of a peanut (her height options are definitely limited – just check her parents out!) So there she was for a Weekend – on a Navy Base with God knows how many cadets, navy personnel and staff, and took on the Challenge. If there’s a hint of pride on my part I’ll take that, but ultimately I thought, if you can do that, I’ll take on a challenge too… and here I am, puffing my way up and down wondering what the heck…

Who Inspires You?

Without inspiration many of us would continue with the same old patterns of life and never try anything new. Or, when life throws us challenges and obstacles, such as poor health and mobility, we may even feel like giving up completely. We need inspiration to make us look after our health and general well-being, to become stronger, fitter and more resilient.

This can be easier to face when you have a set goal and this is where our heroes can inspire us to take up a challenge. Having a goal leads to a better outcome, rather than just a general ambition… “errrr…get fit!”, for example.

Some Are Capable of Inspiring Millions

Who could have missed the moving story in the recent news of Kevin Sinfield,  former British professional Rugby player and current defence coach for England’s national Rugby team, carrying his friend and former team mate Rob Burrow, suffering from Motor Neurone Disease, over the finish line of the first Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon. (gee…that one got me!)

Before the event, Sinfield told the BBC, “It will be tough, but it will be tough for everybody … I’ve been inspired by Rob throughout the time I’ve known him, especially the last couple of years. The fact that he’s going to be right under my nose this time, I won’t be short of inspiration.”

Kevin Sinfield carries Rob Burrow over Leeds marathon finish

And as if I wasn’t under enough pressure from my amazing Amy’s achievements to complete my Pier-to-Pier swim, what about Graeme Souness? Considerably older than me (also living in Dorset) but has set the swimming bar high with his cross-channel relay team swim to raise £1m for charity. He too was inspired by a young girl – the heroic 14-year-old Isla Grist. Souness told the BBC that Isla is “the most unique person I’ve ever met … She does this to me every time. She’s an inspiration to me – even at my age,” he said.

Football legend Graeme Souness has completed a swim across the English Channel to raise £1m for charity.


We’ve been thinking a lot about who inspires us in the clinic this year. Indeed, we are constantly inspired by many of our patients who have such determination to overcome difficulties and feel privileged to be chosen to help. Whilst none of us are planning 7 back-to-back marathons like Kevin Sinfield, both myself and Hannah are coming out of our comfort zones and pushing ourselves to attempt new challenges.

Wishing everyone a fabulous month.

‘Til next time Colin and The Lymington Chiropractic Team