July Newsletter


July feels like it’s had quite a rumbustious start! Wimbledon off with quite a bang, literally (and I promise it wasn’t me popping the champagne on Centre Court at an inappropriate time – although I have a really useful exercise using a champagne cork to help with Plantar Fascia, and finding the right cork was always going to be a challenge to relish). That said, thank you to our friends at The Solent Cellar for providing the champagne cork. I was struck by the irony of me, at this exact time, choosing to look for just 1 champagne (or sparkling wine) cork, whilst the huge consumption of bubbles allowed for corks to be popping willy-nilly in SW19. One can only presume that the collective Plantar Fascia in Wimbledon is feeling considerably better already.

The crowds certainly got behind Sir Andy Murray, when not popping the bubbly, and the rest of the British players, as they competed with the Tennis glitterati – and what awesome finals! Congratulations to Markéta Vondroušová and Carlos Alcaraz. What with Golf, Cricket and mad bouts of sunny weather, it’s been quite a start to the month for all of us!.

How Many Rs in July?

We’ve discovered there’s a lot of “R’s” in our mid-year month. Not necessarily ‘Rocking and Rolling’, definitely not Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmatic. Perhaps ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ would be a good call in today’s wasteful world, but no, for us here in the clinic it’s more a case of ‘Rest, Reset and Renew!’

Rest: Hannah Our Hero!

Hannah took part in the annual Mudapalooza event as part of the Mudeford Quay Crossfit Team, and says:

“What a day!! 10 gruelling workouts completed in 10 hours with a continuous row alongside! We have currently raised £2,716 with more donations to come!! This is enough for a community defibrillator, relevant training and the rest will be donated to The British Heart Foundation. It was an amazing day with a real team effort. Mudeford Quay Crossfit prides themselves on their community spirit and that definitely showed on Saturday! Endless support from friends and family, cakes donated from The Paddle, coffees from Jimmy Iced Coffee and a whole load of laughs! We are hoping it will become an annual event with a different charity chosen each year! What a great day! ”She certainly deserves a rest, but not for long knowing Hannah – she’ll be restarting training very soon.

She certainly deserves a rest, but not for long knowing Hannah – she’ll be restarting training very soon.

Reset: Thor 1: Colin 0

It is never fun to write something negative on social media sites or on an email such as this and deliver unexpected “pants” news but sometimes you just have to.

I am disappointed to write that I didn’t end up swimming the Pier-to-Pier as unfortunately I injured my shoulder. Whilst it didn’t necessarily hamper my ability to swim too much, it was a bit sore after swimming and it wasn’t improving.

Delaying a decision to swim or not didn’t help, as the shoulder didn’t improve with time, and the internal debate in my head about whether to swim or not, became quite an internal, fruitless battle. That ‘toing and frowing’ trying to make a decision, was quite a revelation to myself and more frustratingly ended in stalemate.

Finally, having consulted my own AI source, (Alternative Intelligence – AKA my wife, Rachael – obviously a more superior source of intelligence) it became clear that it was better to postpone my swim until next year. Taking the common-sense approach of looking after my own health and well-being, felt a bit odd. Common sense, sometimes, does pass me by, actually it often heads in the other direction when I take to thinking about consequences to myself of decisions I take.

It’s sad to not complete what I set out to do, but that said, I have enjoyed the challenge of training and am looking forward to continuing to swim (when ready – it needs rest for now) and get stuck in, ready to reset for next year’s Pier-to-Pier (fingers crossed).

I hope everyone who did the swim had a great and successful event and all went well – which I believe is the case. I got the daughter stare, when Amy (and the others too) found out I wasn’t swimming, but luckily, I have a small amount of ‘parental goodwill’ somewhere in the bank which somehow held me in good stead, along with the most enormous milkshake for disappointed daughters, which seemed to help.

Repair and Renew to Reset our Chiropractic Benches

While the Chiropractic bench in Room 2, Colin and Fiona’s room, needed a quick repair and service – we’ve been searching for quite a while now for a new Chiropractic bench in Treatment Room 1, at the back of the clinic (Charlotte and Fiona’s, room) and we finally found one. We had quite a specific list of requirements so it wasn’t an easy search, but we can now proudly say, the new bench is in – and it’s fantastic! We’re looking forward to using it and utilising it for our patients’ benefit.

One important aspect that we looked for in the bench was to be able to allow people to get onto the bench more easily. The new bench can be lifted to an almost vertical position allowing patients to step onto the bench and then be lowered down so we can treat them while they’re lying flat. This is one of many great benefits of the bench. It’ll take us a little time to get used to the new workings but already we can feel at home with the bench and are using all of its little intricacies. We’re looking forward to improving our care with it.

Reiki (Really more Rs)

Our massage therapist Hannah Day is now a qualified Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. This is an exciting addition to the treatments offered here at The Lymington Chiropractic Clinic. Hannah recognised that Deep Tissue Massage Therapy wasn’t suitable for all patients and, having trained in Oncology Massage so as to be able to help cancer patients, she sought a lighter treatment. Hannah sees Reiki as an opportunity for the body to relax, rebalance and reset (another set of 3 Rs). Having time to allow your body and mind to totally relax, unwind and become unburdened of stress and anxiety promotes an easing of tensions and pain, leading to a sense of positive well-being.

Any patient can benefit from Reiki treatment as there is very little or no physical pressure applied. Reiki works on a physical and emotional level. It is particularly useful for easing symptoms of chronic illnesses such as ME. Often stress, trauma and anxiety can show in physical symptoms such as IBS or muscle fatigue and pain.

Cancer Research describes Reiki as “a type of energy healing and a complementary therapy. It is sometimes used as a palliative or supportive therapy for people with cancer. Summary. The Japanese word Reiki means universal energy. It aims to relax you, ease stress and tension and help with well being.”

Click this link for more information on Reiki, or chat to Hannah.

And to finish, Another Quick R: Redecoration this August!

Many of you will have noticed that we have redecorated the outside of the clinic recently. We’re now in the process of preparing to redecorate the inside of the clinic. After much deliberation we have decided to close the clinic for a week to allow us to complete the job in hand. Don’t expect a major do-over as we haven’t called any expert in, we’re just going to freshen up the inside of the clinic. We’re looking forward to tidying up the clinic and having a fresher ‘look and feel’ inside the clinic.

We will be closing the clinic the last week in August – which is in effect 4 days following the Bank Holiday Monday. You will still be able to contact us and talk to us, as our reception team will be in during the mornings to take any calls and to deal with any queries. We’re looking forward to a fresh look within the clinic to match the outside.

With all this rushing around, you have to think life could just be a bit simpler. Perhaps we’re in need of some mindfulness – certainly plenty of Rs involved –
THE 3 R’S: Rest, Relaxation, and Reflection: For Your Entire Life.

Then we can emerge from our current rollicking rollercoaster start to July’s powerful tides. May we choose whichever 3Rs appeals to us today, and find some peace, joy and simplicity in them.

As always, we wish you a fabulous rest of the month.

‘Til next time, Colin and The Lymington Chiropractic Team