Glad to see your back!

7th October marked the start of Backcare Awareness Week in the UK. Organised by charity BackCare, the focus of the week was to raise awareness of the different issues that back pain can cause and to educate people about how to prevent back pain and the different treatments that are available.

With 4 out of every 5 adults experiencing back pain at some point in their life, back pain will affect us all at some point during our adult lives. A key message for National Back Week 2015 was to educate people that standing is much better than sitting whilst at work.

Here at Lymington Chiropractic, we supported Backcare Awareness Week with drop in clinics for people with back problems to come in for a chat about how to live with back problems and the different treatments and options that are available. The week proved to be extremely successful with many people opting to take on treatments for their back problems.

Until recently, chiropractic treatment was available under the NHS for patients with back problems in the Lymington area. This seems to have recently come to an end, therefore here at Lymington Chiropractic, we are keen to talk to anyone who is suffering from long term back pain.


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