Clockwatching can be good for you at work – read on to see how?

How to get the most out of clock-watching

With the relaxation of the lockdown underway – being able to get back to the workplace for most, is becoming an option, yet people are making a conscious decision to not return and to stay and work from home.

A real change to work culture. So, whilst having a decent place to work from at home becomes important, we are telling you to also watch the clock in two ways.

Clock-watching at work can be good for you.


Watch our video of the “clock exercise”. This can be a great way to look after your spine whilst sitting, not only at home but in the office as well.

It’s just a great way to reduce pressure on your whole spine – your low back, shoulders and your neck.


Looking after yourself throughout the day – people are moving less at home than they would at the office, so we recommend people do get up and just move – every 45 minutes. It does not matter what you do, just move.

This will just help you feel better during the day but also at the end of a hard day’s work!

So please do keep an eye on the Clock – it’s good for your back

If you have any questions about our clock-watching exercises or you want more advice, get in touch with us today through our contact page or feel free to give us a call on 01590 679560.

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