A face lift is not all that’s new at The Lymington Chiropractic Clinic.

The front of Lymington Chiropractic clinic from the highstreet.

At last, we have caught up with 21st-century technology and are pleased to let people know that we have a new, more user-friendly booking system.

All patients, including those who are new to the Clinic, will now be able to book online via our website, Facebook, and Google in a few simple steps.

This is part of our new system, so you will notice some differences in our emails and text messages, as well.

We know our appointment reminders are valued by our patients, and these will continue to be sent 2 days before your appointment via SMS or email, whichever you prefer.

Screenshot of an online booking system.

Our newsletter will have a new look as well. News, general-health information and possibly Colin’s musings (not any better though) will look different, and you are likely to see changes in keeping with 21st-century communications rather than 17th-century newspaper efforts.

Our invoicing procedure has also been streamlined so printing your invoices at reception should take no time at all. Alternatively, we will be able to email them to you.

All this has been possible because we listen to and take on board your feedback and are always striving to improve our services. With our new system, we will be able to focus more on helping people. We are always grateful for any feedback as it keeps us on the path to being the best we can be for our patients and ourselves.

But that’s only the start!

Maintenance and decoration of the clinic will continue into the new year. We will also be further developing our social media content. If there is anything you would like us to share in a blog post or Facebook post, do let us know – either at reception, by email or by Facebook comment or message. And look out for us on Instagram!

As with any system changeover, we are all on a steep learning curve and, while every effort has been made for a smooth transition, there may be a few hiccups. In which case we appreciate your patience while we all get up to speed.

For those who prefer human contact, a bit like us here at the clinic – unlike the digital world that surrounds us – please continue to call the clinic on 01590 679560 or pop in and Julia, Sally or Jay will be delighted to help you at reception. We will always be here to help!