6 Tips for avoiding low back pain during pregnancy

Back pain is incredibly common during pregnancy, especially in the early stages. Some studies estimate that around two-thirds of pregnant women suffer from it, so you’re definitely not alone.

Although you may not be able to completely put a stop to the lower back pain, there are a number of things you can do to protect yourself from back pain in pregnancy.

Pregnant woman with lower back pain.

How can I help prevent lower back pain during pregnancy?

  • Keep an eye on your posture: straighten your lower back and gently draw your bump in. Imagine your baby being tucked into the pelvis, close to your centre of gravity.
  • Be sensible about lifting objects: always lift bending your knees rather than your back and try to avoid lifting anything heavy.
  • Wear flat or low-heeled shoes.
  • Sit up straight and with your lower back supported.
  • Use a firm mattress.
  • Consider using a pregnancy pillow

If you are suffering badly, you can also ask your GP or midwife about being referred to a physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath.

Pregnancy Pillow

Here at the Lymington Chiropractic Clinic, we have a specialised pillow that allows our pregnant patients to comfortably lie on their tummy during treatment.

The pillow has room for your growing bump to rest, whilst minimising any discomfort on the chest and pelvis area.

Let us know if our tips have helped to prevent or relieve any lower back pains throughout your pregnancy.

If you would like to discuss anything about lower back pain while pregnant or in backache in general, then contact our team at the Clinic to find out more.

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